Saturday, 10 August 2013

Sofina Primavista Powder Foundation Review

According to Primavista's (by Sofina) ads in Taiwan, it is the number one brand in Japan for base makeup. Thanks to the lovely So Lonely in Gorgeous, I was able to pick up the powder foundation released this year in February, together with the limited edition case. This was pretty expensive for a drugstore brand, at 3990yen for the foundation refill (9g) and 1050yen for the case. Both the refill and the case come with a sponge each. The actual name of the foundation in Japanese is extremely long and unwieldy: くずれにくい 化粧のり実感 パウダーファンデーションUV (Kuzurenikui Keishonorijikan Powder Foundation UV).

The case is gorgeous with a bejewelled crystal design and Primavista's signature ribbon motif on the clasp. The pink case reminds me of Revue, which used to be my favourite brand for Japanese foundations but was discontinued a few years ago and replaced by the super bland Coffret D'Or. stocks the refill for US$34. You can also find it and the case on Ebay.

With SPF25 PA++, this offers more sun protection than Primavista's other Powder Foundation (Perfect Fit) which has only SPF15 PA++. Touted as making one appear five years younger, it is supposed to provide up to ten hours' wear and is resistant against sweat and sebum. It is designed to give a flawless appearance even on days when one's skin condition is bad due to lack of sleep or hormonal fluctuations.

After wearing it regularly for the past couple of months, I do like it for the seamless, natural finish with very minimal visible powderiness. It does a good job of evening out my skintone and providing medium coverage that reduces the redness in my cheeks and minimises the appearance of pores. The oil control is also pretty good. With the hot summer weather here, I usually have to blot my T-zone only every two to three hours. Even when I do not blot after more than three hours, there is just a slight sheen on my nose and cheeks, without the foundation getting cakey, splotchy or oxidising.

In these pics, I am wearing it over Paul & Joe Protecting Foundation Primer. I usually apply it either with the sponge or Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush, although using the brush tends to cause more powdery kick-up. There is already a noticeable dip in the center of the pan. My guess is that with daily use, this can last about 3 to 4 months. I usually reach for this on days when I'm rushing and do not have the time for liquid foundation. The lightest shade, Beige Ochre 01 is a good fit for my skintone.

Overall, I like this enough to repurchase it in the future although I'm curious to try Primavista's more budget-friendly Ange line which is available in Taiwan and recommended on the Singapore edition of Nu Ren Wo Zui Da by Kevin. The Ange powder foundation refill costs only around S$17 while the case is S$8, but has slightly lower sun protection of SPF20 PA++ and lasts up to eight hours with only 4 shades available.


Anonymous said...

I miss seeing your beautiful face :)

Sara said...

It does look very nice on and doesn't appear powdery. Sounds promising!

Starlight said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and like it! I'm loving the Japanese cosmetics you review. They're so beautiful! also, I like your violet eyeshadow in these pics!

blueberry milk tea said...

Dear Haru,

I like your (new to me) hair color and cut. :)

xo Gemma

Haru said...

hi Gemma,

Thanks, but I actually haven't colored my hair since late last year! Also in desperate need of a hair cut.

hi Starlight,
thank you!

hey Sara,

The Red Musketeer said...

Quick question about the dimensions of these Primavista refills, would they fit into the old Raycious compacts? I have an old compact just lying around, would be nice to be able to find refills that fit. Really appreciate if you could take some time to help me figure this out \(^O^)/

Haru said...

Sorry, I wish I could help but I don't have a Raycious compact available to see if it fits the Primavista refills.