Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Bea's Up September 2013 - Fall Collections Swatches

During my recent London trip, I picked up the September issue of Bea's Up, primarily because Ayumi Hamasaki was on the cover. She is also on the back cover in an ad for ISM haircare.

The magazine included a generous bounty of samples, namely two Kosé Cosmeport Clear Turn White sheet masks in the hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C versions, plus Je l'aime Secret des fleurs and Secret des bois shampoo and treatment duos. Je l'aime is silicon-free haircare line made by Kosé Cosmeport.

This issue featured swatches of several autumn collections. The swatch photos are tiny and it's hard to judge their color accuracy but nevertheless, I found them to be useful. For example, the swatches of the new Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss N showed that the different shades looked very similar on the lips, due to the sheerness.

Several shades of Anna Sui Ring Rouge also looked disappointingly sheer with #400 looking the most attractive of the lot.

The Paul & Joe Glossy Lip Color, which will be released on 1 October, look much more promising in terms of the color payoff and intensity.

Les Merveilleuses by Laduree will be releasing a new Matte Rouge (2625yen) in seven shades on 6 September as part of its fall collection. The price point is surprisingly affordable for Laduree, being the same as lipsticks by Coffret D'Or and Esprique and lower compared to Shu Uemura and Lunasol.

I've been curious to see how Addiction Cheek Polish applies on the skin. In the top row (from left to right) are Fresh, Swingin' and Chic while the bottom row shows Suspicious, Tadzio, Rose Bar and Revenge.

The pic below shows (from left to right) Swingin', Revenge and Fresh.

The Lip Stains look incredibly pigmented.

Lip Glaze

Top Coat

Ready To Wear Eye Palette 05 Departure


Three 4D Eye Palette 09 Star Guitar was used in this tutorial on mauve pink eye makeup as part of an article on makeup trends.

Lunasol Velvetful Eyes

Lavshuca Melty Heart Eyes

Candy Bonbon Lip Color Line

Candy Bonbon Lip Shiny Line

Melty Trick Cheeks

A superbly detailed tutorial showing 23 looks that can be created with the Addiction Departure palette, by using the four shades either individually or in combination.

Similar tutorials for palettes by Maquillage, Elegance, Chanel and Lunasol.

Do also check out Drivel about Frivol for scans of the Biteki fall collections catalog and So Lonely in Gorgeous for the Voce fall catalog.


Anonymous said...

thank you for the scans! I look forward to other people scanning them and posting them because I have no way of getting these magazines where I live.

Bellyhead said...

this is fabulous. thank you! I'm going to see if I can find this issue at Kinokuniya. the swatches and tutorials will come in handy.

Citrine said...

I love the look with Star Guitar (maybe it's the wine knit hat?) now I need to dig my stash to see if there is any similar shades...