Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Paul & Joe Fairytale Collection

While in London, I stopped at Fenwick to purchase the Paul & Joe Fairytale collection for autumn. It is also available on Beauty Habit but not yet on BeautyBay.com and ASOS.com.

I picked up all three limited edition lipstick cases as I collect these. The price has gone up to £7 though. Still, I'm glad that the cases and refills are now sold separately as it's much more affordable not to have to purchase all the lipsticks in the collection.

Of the three Lipstick CS shades, I chose 081 Once Upon A Time, a satin orange. While this looked nice when swatched on my arm, on the lips, it was not as flattering as I'd hoped it would be. It also had a tendency to emphasise dry patches. It does have pretty good color payoff though.

The three Eye Color Set CS didn't appeal to me that much when I initially saw the collection online as I'm not a big fan of cream eyeshadows and the cream-powder-loose pigment combination looked like a bit too much work. However, I was impressed by how well the shades swatched when I tried them at the counter so I ended up getting 086 Fairytale and 087 Peau d'Ane.

The rosy pink powder eyeshadow in Fairytale is an unusual duochrome shade that adds a subtle glowiness to the lids.

The loose pigments were positively dazzling when swatched under the bright counter lights but still refined and subtle enough in natural light to be worn during the day. The pigment included in Fairytale is shiny white (left in pic below) while the one in Peau D'Ane has a faint golden tint.

The insert holding the eye shades can be lifted out and the box re-used for holding accessories and other trinkets.

The case, which has a magnetic closure, fits two lipsticks just nicely.

In the pics below, (going from left to right) I swatched the cream and powder shades individually without any primer first,followed by the powder shade over the cream shade and finally the loose pigment powder by itself.

As I was using a brush for these swatches, the powder eyeshadows appear more sheer than they actually are. These do show up much better when layered over the cream bases.

The reason why I always shop at Fenwick is because the counter offers delightful gifts with purchases that vary with each season. This adorable kitten blanket was the gift with £45 purchase. If you spend £60, you also get a small cushion case that you can fit the blanket into.

The blanket is incredibly soft and velvety plush - definitely a collectible for diehard fans!

The gift with £30 purchase is a matching zip pouch.

For this look, I used the light purple cream shade in Peau D'Ane as the base from lashline to the browbone and layered the dark purple shade from lashline to the crease. Next, I blended the pink shade in Fairytale in the crease and layered the silvery white pigment from Peau D'Ane over the centre of the upper lid, the inner corners and along the lower lashline.

While the white pigment caused a tiny bit of fallout during the application process, there was no other fallout during the rest of the day. The cream base also turned out to be impressively longlasting with hardly any creasing unlike most other Japanese-made cream bases that I've tried.

The Once Upon A Time lipstick looks alright in these pics but in person, it jarred a little with my skintone.

Other products used for this look: Suqqu Frame Fix Foundation N #101, Maybelline Mega Plush Volum'Express mascara and Dolly Wink eyeliner.

The September issue of Jessica magazine from Hong Kong comes with a Paul & Joe pouch in a choice of the three prints featured in the Fairytale collection. Not sure if this will be available in Kinokuniya in Singapore.

Kinokuniya should stock this October issue of More magazine which includes a P&J pouch in their signature chrysanthemum print. This is due out on 28 August in Japan.


The Driveller Kate said...

*smooch* I'm still giggling over that blanket :D Must go pick mine up at some point.

The liquid lipsticks are due in Oct, btw *wink wink*

Sara Kye said...

Ooh! you chopped your hair! I like how it looks, very fresh and lovely!

Haru said...

Hey Sara,
Thanks! It's been short for most of this year, just couldn't take the hassle of long hair anymore!

Unknown said...

The packaging is very cute :3