Saturday, 10 August 2013

Addiction Winter 2013 and Tint Shadows

The Addiction website has been updated with the Tint Shadows collection for fall. View the movie clip here. All the new products are permanent.

According to Biteki, Addiction will release its Winter 2013 collection on 11 October in Japan. It includes Sparkling Mascara WP in 6 limited edition shades (3360yen) and Nail Polish in 6 new shades (1890yen).

The mascara shades include cobalt green, deep purple and red with lots of pearl shimmer.

Pics below by Story.


The Driveller Kate said...

*covers eyes* COLOURED MASCARAS, oh lord, I may as well just give Ayako all my bank details, save us both some time.

Starlight said...

Wow! I LOVE the colors in this range, esp the nailpolishes! I didn't know of any Janpanese cosmetics until your blog- they are amazing!