Monday, 12 August 2013

Pixi Fall 2013 Collection

Yesterday, I visited the Pixi store on Carnaby Street in London to purchase their much praised Glow Tonic (£16), which is available only in-store or via phone order in the UK. It has been receiving widespread praise on several UK beauty blogs in recent months, thanks to the efficacy and affordable price. The store was running a promotion whereby the Glow Tonic could be paired with any of their three cleansers for £20. During the short time that I was in the store, the phone was ringing almost non-stop with orders for the Glow Tonic.

Below is the list of ingredients.

Pixi's new fall collection had also just arrived. Below are the three new palettes.

Below is the Perfection Palette (£24) which includes 16 powder eyeshadows, 3 blushes and 2 face powders. I was impressed with the silky textures of the eyeshadows which have a soft pearlish sheen but the blushes had less pigmented payoff. Nevertheless, I decided to skip this since I had just purchased the Eye Glow Cube which has 16 eyeshadows of similar shades.

Seasonal Reflection Kit in Warm Wonder (£16)

I swatched some of the shades of the Seasonal Reflection Kit in Casual Cool (£16). These were also silky smooth to touch with good color payoff, even without any primer.

The collection introduces three new Crayon Combos (£14.50). I purchased Super Natural (matte charcoal brown paired with glowing nude tan) and Softly Smoky (matte deep chocolate brown and glowing medium bronze). These are supposed to be waterproof, with caffeine for an energizing boost, soothing chamomile and brightening pearl powder.

The Endless Silky Eye Pen Kit (£16.50/US$25) is a great way to try five shades and it also comes with a sharpener. Pity I already own all the shades in the set - Black Noir, Deep Plum, Black Cocoa, Sage Gold and Oyster Glow.

Most exciting find for me was the new Endless Silky Eye Pen in Emerald Gold (£11), a gorgeous metallic teal green with gold shimmer that reminded me of MAC Pearlglide eyeliner in Undercurrent. Made in Germany, this swatched so beautifully that I was tempted to get backups. A must-have for any emerald lover.

There are also three new nail polishes and two Lid Last Shadow Pens in Gentle Gold and Perfect Plum, plus a new dual sharpener. I purchased the sharpener but was disappointed to find that it did not come with a plastic cap.

The Gilded Olive Fairy Light Solo eyeshadow felt slightly dry and gritty to touch but the intense colour payoff was amazing. This would make a great shade for creating smoky eyes, thanks to the gold shimmer.

The collection is available now on Pixi's UK website and it will be available at Target stores in the US as well. ASOS also stocks Pixi with free international shipping.


KS said...

Hi Haru, quick question re the Pixi store - I'm a huge fan of the Pixi Silky eye pens and would definitely be heading to their store when I go to London in November. Do you think box sets such as the one you saw would be readily avail?! I would love to get sth like the set you saw as gifts for my eyeliner loving friends and some for myself too. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh please review the Pixi Glow Tonic and Cleanser! It sounds so intriguing :)

Citrine said...

I just saw some of the new product in Target yesterday. There is no tester though.

Haru said...

hi KS,
I'm not sure if the eyeliner pencil set is limited edition or if it will still be available in November. They could have something new for the holiday season by then as well. Perhaps you could keep a look out for it on, to see if they stock it later.

smugnificent said...

I went last month to London but I was completely unlucky as the toner was temporarily out of stock. I would love to read your review and I am looking forward to getting it next time I will be there

KS said...

Hi Haru, thanks for your reply. Another question though - have you already ordered your Glow Tonic and was just picking them up or did you just happen to go in and they were in stock? I'm thinking how far in advance I should order them for collection to ensure there is availability. Thanks again.

Haru said...

The Glow Tonic happened to be in stock, I did not pre-order them. You could call the store in advance to place an order and ask if they can hold it instore for you. I overheard them taking orders and providing a Royal Mail tracking number to a hotel address.

Anonymous said...

Exciting post! Are the eyeliners in the 5 piece kit full size? Some of the collection are on Urban Outfitters online today :)

Haru said...

No, the eyeliners in the set are about just over half of the regular size.