Sunday, 6 October 2013

Anna Sui Spring 2014

Is it too early to start anticipating the Spring 2014 collections? One way that I often dissuade myself from falling for the holiday sets is to tell myself that there will be much bigger collections in spring to save up for. Anyway, Chiaki Niimi has a sneak peek of Anna Sui's Spring 2014 collection, set for release on 4 January in Japan, which will include the following:

1. Rose Cheek Color in 2 limited edition shades: See the pic of one of these here.

2. Protective Lip Balm

3. Lip Crayon

There will also be a Limited Lipstick to be released on 1 February, in a white case with a gold rose motif. See the pic here.

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~raspy~ said...

Huh?! What Spring 2014? I have barely even begin looking at Christmas 2013!! >_<