Friday, 18 October 2013

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen Iridescent Iris Swatches

My FeelUnique order of the new Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Iridescent Iris and the Eye Alchemy Assortment in Metallic Magic landed yesterday! The special purple packaging is for the holiday collection.

This is just a quick swatch post of Iridescent Iris. Made in Germany, the waterproof pencil is free of mineral oil, parabens and preservatives. Actually, the preservative-free claim is a tad worrying as eyeliner pencils can go bad! Anyway, it's supposed to have a shelf life of 24 months.

Turns out that aside from the usual top-notch velvety texture that one has come to expect of Pixi eyeliners, it's a great dupe of Three Flash Performance eyeliner pencil in Eye Belong , which retails for more than double the price! (See swatches of my Three pencils here). Three's eyeliners are also made in Germany.

The pic below shows Pixi Emerald Gold and on its right, Iridescent Iris. It's a blackened purple with pink and silver shimmer. I wore it yesterday for a few hours and it stayed completely smudge-free after setting. It also glided on with ease without tugging at the eyelid. It does not look overtly purple when applied, and is great for creating a smoky eye with a bit of shimmer. I think this is easily my second favourite Pixi shade after Emerald Gold and definitely back-up worthy.

The pic below shows Three Eye Belong and on its right, Pixi Emerald Gold. If you've been wanting Eye Belong but can't stomach the price tag, I highly recommend getting Iridescent Iris instead.

In the pics below (from left to right): Three Eye Belong, Pixi Emerald Gold and Iridescent Iris, Urban Decay Ransom and Binge, By Terry Royal Navy. You can see how patchy and uneven the Urban Decay eyeliners swatch in comparison to the smooth richness of Three, Pixi and By Terry.

Below are a couple of quick pics of the Eye Alchemy palette, will review this after I've played with it.


Adeline said...

Dear Haru

Just wanted to say I'm so glad you are back blogging regularly =) love your posts!

birkinbagbeauty said...

wow, that Dupe for Three is totally amazing: I have been eyeballing (the irony) over Three colours since DrivellerKate put them up, knew that Pixi was as good, but now that the colours are even similar...?

Haru said...

Many brands have their eyeliner pencils manufactured in Germany by the same factories so it's not surprising that some have similar textures and shades. The Pixi liner is great for its price!

beautyjungle said...

I would love to see some swatches of the Pixi Palette, hope you will post some soon :-)
Best regards from Germany!