Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Jill Stuart Travel Exclusives

Japan Airlines is offering two Jill Stuart travel retail exclusives on their flights: Mix Compact Blush N #112 Musing Pansy (3600yen) and Floral Trip Handcream Kit (4000yen for 5 tubes). The blush compact is much cheaper compared to the usual retail price of 4725yen. The hand cream kit (not available on flights to Korea) includes three tubes of the white floral scent and two tubes of Fruit & Rose.

See real life pics and swatches of Musing Pansy here, here and here. The blush is also available at the airport dutyfree in Taiwan.

The Jill Stuart website has been updated with the My Dear Strawberry Collection for Christmas, due out on 1 November in Japan.


moon said...

Oh my god this is so pretty! I would LOVE if they released their products in Europe (or at least were more available:/) ://


Haru said...

hi moon,
It's quite easy to purchase Jill Stuart makeup online, you can try Gooddealer.com (based in Hong Kong) which is very reliable and usually includes samples with orders.

Anonymous said...

Hey Haru, do you know when will they start offering it, or if it's already available? I don't have any trip planned so far, but I hope to hunt this baby down yahoo auctions or rakuten.

Haru said...

It's already available as it was published in the Sep-Oct issue of the JAL inflight dutyfree magazine.

moon said...

Hello Haru,
Thank you very much, I'll try :)