Thursday, 31 October 2013

Fasio Brand Renewal

Following Visee, Fasio is the next Kose brand to undergo a renewal come Spring 2014. With a new "smart, casual" brand concept, the line-up is designed to meet the needs of ladies who value functionality and efficacy, rather than a certain age group. The first phase of the brand renewal will kick off on 16 January with 10 new products, ranging from 735yen to 1575yen. The products will be sold in silver pouch packaging.

From left to right in pic below:

1. Smart Curl Mascara (W Curl): Waterproof, curl-enhancing mascara (1260yen, 2 shades)

2. Smart Curl Mascara (Long): Film-type lengthening mascara that can be removed with warm water. (1260yen, 2 shades)

3. Smart Curl Mascara (Volume): Waterproof volumising mascara (1260yen, 2 shades)

4. Edge Power Gel Liner (1575yen, 2 shades)

5. Quick Dry Gel Liner (1260yen, 2 shades)

6. Lasting Film Liquid Liner (1050yen, 2 shades)

7. Deep Black Liquid Liner (1575yen, 1 shade)

8. Powder Eyebrow Pencil (1260yen, 3 shades)

9. Slim Eyebrow Pencil (735yen, 3 shades)

10. Easy Eye Make Remover: Removes waterproof mascara. (1050yen, 6.5ml)

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