Saturday, 12 October 2013

L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation and Sleek Lagoon i-Divine Palette

L'Oreal's latest liquid foundation, Magic Nude Liquid Powder, is often described as being a dupe for Giorgio Armani's Maestro so naturally I was curious to try it. The American version was released earlier in June this year with 12 shades available while the European version (made in France) has just launched in the UK where it comes in only six shades, with different shade numbers.

I purchased the lightest shade 100 Porcelain from where it is £9.99 for 20ml (with free international shipping). has it on introductory offer for just £6.99 at the moment. The name in Europe is also slight different - Nude Magique Eau de Teint. Both the US and European versions have SPF18 but the US version contains slightly more product (27ml). In Switzerland, the lightest shade available is 140.

List of ingredients below.

Described as L'Oreal's lightest foundation formula ever, Magic Nude has a watery texture that feels ultra lightweight on the skin. Given the dominance of silicones on the ingredient list, it is not surprising that the foundation transforms to a slightly slippery feel on the skin without feeling overly powdery. It is recommended to apply this with one's fingertips, and not a brush or sponge. It takes some effort to blend in to ensure that it does not pool in the pores.

100 Porcelain turned out to be a good match for my MAC NC20 skintone.

Despite being so watery, I was surprised to find that it does offer some light coverage and helps to even out my skintone. A separate concealer is still needed for darker spots and under eye circles though. I think this would be more suitable for the hot summer months, when one does not feel like wearing heavy makeup but still wants some coverage. Pic below taken under indoor lighting

Pic below taken near window in natural daylight

One flaw of Magic Nude was that it brought out dry patches on my cheeks and nose which were not visible before I applied it. It is definitely much more suitable for normal to oily skintypes and not ladies with dry skin. This was similar to the experience I had with a sample of Armani Maestro. You can see the dry patches in the close-up shot below. Strangely though, the foundation looked better after a few hours and the dry patches became much less obvious. I had to blot my T-zone after 3 hours, while my cheeks remained relatively shine-free, which was pretty good by my standards. There was also no caking or oxidisation after several hours of wear. Overall, I did like the light texture although it does not provide the most flawless finish. The affordable price tag certainly helps too if Maestro is out of your budget.

For this look, I used Sleek Lagoon i-Divine palette which was released as part of the Aqua collection back in March. Although it was limited edition, it can still be found easily on Ebay.

Lagoon contains mainly shimmery shades with a couple of mattes thrown in. Nothing super unique if you already have a huge stash of i-Divine palettes, but it's still a fun palette to play around with for creating colorful looks.


Anonymous said...

could you pls compare it with RMK liquid foundation? thanks -stella

Janice said...

Thanks for the review. I am plagued with rather pitted scars and pores on my cheeks & nose so I don't think this would be the foundation for me. What would you recommend for 1)powder foundation and 2) liquid foundation for my concerns?

Haru said...

Hi Stella,
From what I remember, RMK liqud foundation is also very watery and sheer without that much coverage. It looks very natural but it's probably better for ladies who do not need that much coverage in the first place. I think it has less silicones compared to Magic Nude. The RMK liquid foundation also does not offer good oil control.

Hi Janice,
For liquid foundations, I like Givenchy Teint Couture liquid foundation which was just released this autumn and Tarte Amazonian Clay liquid foundation. Tarte will be launching soon at Sephora stores in Singapore so you can try it out there. As for powder foundation, those by Shiseido brands such as Maquillage usually work well for me. Dior and Lunasol also make good ones.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the foundation review.
the thing about dry patches doesn't sound appealing ^_^"
will go check out Tarte it's at Sephora!