Monday, 28 October 2013

RMK Spring 2014 Play on Pink

Here are more details of the RMK Play on Pink collection for Spring 2014, to be released on 17 January in Japan. Creative Director Kaori wanted to create a "face closet" for women, centering around feminine and vibrant shades of pink.

The collection includes:

* Kaleidoscope Nuance Color in 2 variations with 6 tones each (limited edition)

* Kaleidoscope Cheeks in 2 variations: Each blush duo contains a base shade and a shiny color.

* Kaleidoscope Eyes in 5 variations: Each eyeshadow duo contains a pink base color and a pearl shade to be layered on top

* W Crayon & Gloss Lips: Matte lip crayon and translucent gloss duo

* Nail Color EX in 4 shades

* Shiny Base & Top Coat

* Face Color Brush with 100% goat hair

The prices range from 1575yen to 5040yen.
Pic below by Maquia.

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