Saturday, 23 June 2007

Majolica Majorca Beauty in Black fall collection

Majolica Majorca's "Beauty in Black" fall collection is featured on page 226 of the August issue of Ray magazine which was just published today in Japan. The items shown are Shadow Customise (single eyeshadow; 525yen) in BK922 and WT920. BK922 is described as a black with blue and gold pearl and WT920 is a shimmery pure white. The Jewelling Pencil (pencil eyeliner; 735yen) shades shown are (from left) BK901, SV802 and PK204, all of which have silver shimmer. Five shades of Rouge Majex (lipgloss; 924yen) are also featured. The bright cherry red shade in the middle of the page is PK404. The four shades shown on the left side are (from left) BE205, PK338, #21 and PK102. BE205 is a nude beige with shimmery gold pearl and PK338 is a bright pink. #21 is a very shimery pearl shade while PK102 is described as a milky pink with red pearl. Also shown are the new Lash Expander Neo and Lash Bond which I had posted about earlier.

This is not the complete collection which will have 4 new Shadow Customise shades, 9 shades of Majex lipgloss and 10 shades of the Jewelling Pencil as well as a Majo Kiss lip cream. The collection is due out on 21 July in Japan. Can't wait!

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