Saturday, 23 June 2007

Fall Collection photos

Check out these fall collection pics from the August issues of CanCam! I almost jumped with delight in the convenience store when I saw the Jill Stuart collection photo, especially the new pressed blush. The Awake palettes look a bit disappointing though, hopefully they will be nicer in person. Here are the brief details on each brand.

RMK (release date: 24 August)
Nail Color N #98, #99, 2310yen
Beige Mix Gloss, 2940yen (#1 and #3 are shown)
Beige Mix Eyes, 3150yen (#3 and #6 are shown)
Beige Mix Cheeks, 3150yen (#3 is shown)

Paul & Joe (release date: 17 August)
Face Color #8 and #9, 2940yen
Face Color Powder CS N #52, #53, #54, 2730yen
Lipstick CS N #52, #53, 3045yen

Testimo (release date 16 August)
There will be 12 new single eyeshadows. Shown in the photo are GD25, BG24, BE18, RS17, BR71 and DG01.
Crystallish Gloss PK13, G005, RD06; 2310yen.

Awake (release date: 4 August)
Reflectance Eyes Stardom E6 and E7, 5040yen
Lip Lacquer Stardom #14 and #15, 2940yen
Nail Lacquer Stardom #50, 1050yen

Stila (release date: 6 July)
Baked Eyeshadow Floral Kitten and Mandarin Mist, 3885yen
Baked Cheek Color 3657yen
Lipglaze Mandarin Mist 4095yen

YSL (release date: 3 August)
Ombre Duo Lumiere, 5565yen
Palette Esprit Couture, 7665yen

Anna Sui (release date: 23 August)
Pressed Powder M 02 and M 03 (limited edition), 4200yen
Mini Rouge #302 (candy pink) and #700, 2100yen
Eye Color Accent #802 and #206, 2625yen
Liquid Eye Color #800 (gold), 2310yen
Sui Rouge V 360, 2940yen

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paul and joe's autumn collection is a small one?