Monday, 25 June 2007

Canmake Summer collection

I stumbled upon the new Canmake summer collection displays in the store today and immediately fell in love with the new limited edition Cheek Gradation #4 Chocolate (840yen). It is a gorgeous mix of rich red-toned brown, medium rosy pink, a light baby pink and pinkish white that you can mix and blend as you like. It's not so dark that it looks like dirt on my skintone like most brown blushes/bronzers. Instead, it gives a lovely rosy wash of colour. Each of the shades are also quite pretty on their own and would be great as eyeshadow too. The texture is excellent, pigmented and shimmery without being too garish or loud.

The collection also includes two highlighters in the same style as the Cheek Gradation. One has four different shades of white and the other has four shades of very pale pink and white. There are also two bronzers with in a round compact, each with a small strip of a shimmery highlighter shade, plus a few new nailpolishes.

Also snapped a pic of the Kiss summer collection display. Loved the Nail Enamel RS #Mermaid Dress (shimmery light pink) and #8 Goldfish (bright cherry red) but restrained myself from getting them since I already have a ton of nailpolishes.


Anonymous said...

The new Canmake summer blush is gorgeous!! Any pics of how it looks on you to share??

kuri* said...

Thanks for posting; Chocolate is really gorgeous! I went and swatched it today. Not sure I need it, but it's really pretty.