Saturday, 23 June 2007

Jill Stuart Fall Collection

Jill Stuart's fall collection will be released on 3 August in Japan, which is excellent news for me as that's just before I leave Tokyo :-) Shown in the first photo are (from left):

*Lip Lustre #15, 2940yen
*Nail Lacquer #41 ("mirror pink") and #43 (sweet soft coral), 1575yen
*Mix Blush Compact #1, 4725yen
*Jelly Eye Color #20 (smokey pink), 2310yen
*Liquid Eyeliner #6 and #7 (shiney rose), 2625yen
*Brilliance Eyes #6 (deep garnet) and #7 (night violet), 5250yen

The brush is not listed separately so it is probably part of a set with the Mix Blush Compact. The packaging with the pink crystal on the handle is just too adorable! In the second photo below, Jelly Eye Color #21 (soft mauve) is shown along with Testimo Color Eyes N W-32, Anna Sui LIquid Eye Color #500 and Awake Gem Glint Liner Stardom #8. In the third photo, Jill Stuart Lip Lustre #16 (peach pink) is shown along with Lancome Juicy Tube #90 and Maquillage Neo Climax Lip RD457.

All in all, it looks like a very wearable collection and I expect the Mix Blush Compact will be a big hit. It's great that Jill Stuart is extending the Brilliance Eyes range but I wish they would come up with totally new shades instead of including shades that are very similar to those in the existing palettes. #6 looks very similar to #2 Crystal Jade except that the green shade in #6 looks like a deeper emerald and there's a silvery grey instead of the crystal blue in #2. The white shade in #7 also looks very similar to that in #5 Mauve Pearl.


Anonymous said...

Oh WOW! This is eye candy!!!
:)~~~~ The blush looks absolutely gorgeous! Are any of these items LE?

Haru said...

One of the pressed blushes (there will be 5) will be LE and the other 4 are permanent. Also, there will be some limited edition Point Crystal loose eyeshadows but no pictures of these have surfaced yet.

Anonymous said...

where can i get visee item in singapore? :(