Thursday, 7 June 2007

Visee fall collection

Visee's fall collection will debut on 1 July in Japan. The brand, which is aimed at young women in their late teens to early 20s, is emphasising shimmery eyeshadows and eyeliners with a metallic, jewel-like shimmer. The sleek packaging of the Jewel Crush Eyes is a great improvement over their current eyeshadow quads. Looks like Visee (which is owned by Kose) is trying to give Kate (which is owned by Kanebo) a run for its money!

1. Jewel Crush Eyes eyeshadow quads. 5 shades, 2415yen

2. Jewel Crush Eyeliner (shimmery liquid eyeliner). 3 shades (black, brown and purple). 1575yen.

3. Metallic Gloss Rouge (lipgloss), 3 shades, 2100yen.

4. Glamorous Nail, 5 shades, 525yen.

The description on the photo reads:
Top Left - Jewel Crush Color
Top Right - Nuance Color
Bottom Left - Highlight Color
Bottom Right - Deep Color

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