Thursday, 7 June 2007

Susie NY Happy Bag set

Found this Susie NY Happy Bag set at It's Demo store in Shibuya today! It's Demo usually puts out these sets about twice a year and they usually consist of discontinued items. This set included the Eye Visualize #8 which has a mix of icy blues and sky blues; Duo Cheek #6 (pink and pinky peach); Nail Color #53 (dark blue with silver glitter) and Gradation Nail #3, all for only 1680yen which is a great deal as the Eye Visualize palettes usually retail for 1680yen each. The retail value of the set is 4725yen. All the sets had the same Eye Visualize palette but some had the Duo Cheek in #7 which is more reddish pink and some other different nail polish shades (brown and a clear red).

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