Friday, 1 June 2007

Awake, Jill Stuart and Testimo haul

Went down to the stores bright and early today to get the new Jill Stuart Brilliance Eyes #5 Mauve Pearl palette and as luck would have it, the Awake Reflectance Eyes E4 Mint Frost (limited edition) and Testimo summer collection had also just arrived in stores so I ended up getting all these palettes! The Testimo Grande Shine Eyes palettes were 2572yen after 30% discount at the drugstore. I'll be doing a round of CPs tomorrow (Saturday) so if anyone wants them, just PM me at MUA or Cozycot. Sorry for the short notice but after tomorrow, I'll be busy travelling with my family for the next few weeks :-) I'll be mailing out all the CP packages on next Monday.

According to the great SA I met at Awake, the fall collection is due out on 1 August (yay, just in time before I leave Tokyo!) and it will include two new Reflectance Eyes palettes in lavender tones and grey/blues. Can't wait to see them!

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