Saturday, 4 February 2012

Anna Sui Spring/Summer 2012 New Base Makeup

Anna Sui will release the following new base makeup products on 1 March in Japan:

1. Foundation Primer SPF 30 PA++ (3150yem, 30ml)

2. Powder Foundation SPF20 PA++ (3150yen for refill and 1010yen for the case, 5 shades, 12g)

3. Liquid Foundation SPF20 PA++ (4200yen, 5 shades, 30ml)

4. Loose Compact Powder SPF16 PA++ (3675yen for refull, 1050yen for case, 4 shades, 3g)


Cath said...

Such pretty packaging! Wonder how's the quality...

Rock on! Anna Sui Blog said...

Hi Haru!

Is it me, or does these, except the Compact Loose Powder, seem to be from the Protective series? It's usually released at this time of the year too, and the SPF is that of the usual Protective series, not the Moisture Rich :O What do you think?

Haru said...

I'm not sure if they belong to the Protective series or if they are a new range altogether. For spring/summer base makeup releases, the SPF level is usually higher.