Sunday, 12 February 2012

LeSportsac Special Magazine 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

According to Amazon Japan, the LeSportsac Special Magazine 2012 Spring/Summer Collection will be released on 1 March in Japan. Priced at 1380yen, it comes with a tote bag with a detachable strap and heart-shaped charm. This will be available in two versions: Picnic and Dot. LeSportsac mooks are usually very popular as the accessories are well-made at an affordable price point. My guess is that this will cost around S$35 at Kinokuniya in Singapore as the Penhaligon's mook, which was 1470yen, costs S$36.70. The bags for the 2011 mook look cute but may be a tad too small to be of much practical use. Still, I think I definitely will get the Picnic version!

Of the LeSportsac mooks from 2009, 2010 and 2011, my favourite print remains the 2009 Beauty Girl print but the accessories that I use most frequently are the 2010 multi-cases. I use these whenever I travel as they are perfect for carrying different currencies, cards and my passport.

I'm also looking forward to the upcoming mooks listed on the Takarajima website:

Tsumori Chisato 2012 Spring & Summer(24 Feb)

Liberty Print 2012 Spring & Summer (25 Feb)

Jill Stuart 15th Anniversary Special Issue (mid-March)

Paul & Joe Ginza Flagship Store Special issue (late March)


cewek said...

I missed out on 2011 LeSportSac mook and I'll probably do the same again for this one. This year's bag is too small for anything.

Jo said...

zomg! these are really cute!
I like the picnic print too, but most likely I'll be getting both the mooks

Anonymous said...

so cute! but >30 is not worth it for it at all.