Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Za BB Cream UV

According to UrCosme.com, Za will be releasing its first BB Cream UV SPF43 PA+++. Formulated with an amino acid mineral complex, Vitamin B derivative and sebum-absorbing powder, it offers a total of 12 benefits such as pore coverage, skin brightening, sun protection etc.


Ekta said...

Looks awesome :)


plue said...

i saw on some fb (tw blogger) said it was a little dark and it leans a bit towards reddish 偏红~

wonder when would it reaches our shores?

Ling said...

i saw this ZA range from watson and it seems to contain a high amount of alcohol. perhaps not all product under this range, a selective few i saw so far.

by the way, Haru, a side topic, do you know what has happened to your beauty pal lotus palace? she seems to disappear from her blog since Nov 2011, i hope she is doing well.

Haru said...

hi Ling,
Yup, quite a number of the new Za skincare products in the pink packaging contain alcohol. Kathi (Lotus Palace) is fine, she's taking a break from blogging as she's busy with other stuff.

Ling said...

Hi Haru,

good bright morning, oh i see, that is good to hear about Kathi :)

thanks for the update :)

Vanessa said...

Hi Iris,

Have you tried Laneige BB Soothing Cusion? I would like to know if it's suitable for combination skin with oily T-zone, enlarged pores around the nose.

I've tried so many brands and range of BB cream, sadly, the only one that I find satisfactory is Maybelline's. I am eager to try the Laniege one,but there isn't many reviews online.

Haru said...

Hi Vanessa,
I haven't tried it but I think Sophia of retailtherapy.onsugar.com has used it and will be reviewing it.