Friday, 17 February 2012

Coffret D'Or Spring 2012

Coffret D'Or will release the following new products on 16 April in Japan as part of its "Pink Pink Pink" collection for spring:

1. Bright Up Rouge (Creamy Liquid): Liquid rouge in 2 shades

2. Bright Up Rouge (Long Keep): 2 lipsticks

3. Shine Fit Eyes: Long-lasting liquid eyeshadow in 4 shades

4. Gloss Up Nail Color: 5 shades

All products are limited edition. Pic below from Nikkei. See a higher resolution picture of the collection here.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Is coffret d'or still available at the counters in singapore?

Haru said...

I heard it was being pulled out. I don't live in Singapore anymore so it's best to check with the Kanebo counter directly.