Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Coffret D'Or Spring/Summer 2012 Base Makeup

Coffret D'Or will release its new base makeup range on 1 March in Japan. It includes:

1. Silky Fit Pact UV (Long Keep) SPF22 PA++: Powder foundation in 7 shades (2940yen for refill)

2. Silky Fit Liquid UV (Long Keep) SPF24 PA++: Liquid foundation in 7 shades

3. Full Keep Base UV SPF24 PA++: Primer for combating oiliness and concealing pores. (2940yen, 25ml)

4. Clear Cover Base UV50 SPF50 PA+++: Non-tinted clear primer and sunscreen in one. (2940yen, 25ml)

5. Foundation Case 2012SS (1050yen)

Pics and info from Cosme.net and Coffret D'Or. You can see real-life pics on Womania. The pale champagne gold foundation case with the lace imprint looks lovely but the plastic bottles for the liquid foundation and primers are so unimaginatively plain and boring, one wonders what happened there.


plue said...

too bad Coffret has decided to pull out from Malaysia >.<

will not have a chance to use their base product anymore :(

Cath said...

Plue, you can purchase from adambeauty. I think this brand is also out of Singapore.