Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Addiction Discontinued Products

It looks like Addiction has quietly discontinued the following products, which have disappeared from the official website.

* Eyeshadows #5 Snow Bird, #32 North Star, #44 Tiny Dancer, #53 Poetic and #54 Deep Forest

* Eyeliner Pencil #8 Alice

* Blush #3 Sometime and #8 Aqua Bronze

Addiction rarely pulls the limited edition gimmick so I guess it's inevitable that they need to pare their product range eventually. Still, it's a shame to see Deep Forest and Poetic go, especially Deep Forest which was one of my favourites from the Aurora Reflection collection of fall 2011. You can see swatches of most of the eyeshadows on Drivel About Frivol and here.

The eyeshadows are still listed on Hankyu so it's unclear if they have been pulled from the counters. Color swatches from Hankyu below.


Unknown said...

I have never tried this brand, must look for it.


The Driveller Kate said...

Nooooo Deep Forest is one of my favourites too :(
And I wanted to try Alice!