Friday, 13 September 2013

Addiction Holiday Coffret 2013

Here's a sneak peek by Eclat of the Addiction holiday coffret (7980yen) scheduled for release on 1 November in Japan. It includes an eyeshadow quad, mini nail polish, lip balm, Tinted Skin Protector (half the regular size) and a sequined zip pouch. Love the intricate design on the palette cover but in terms of the makeup shades, I think last year's Moroccan Rose set was more unique.


visee said...

Dear Haru, thanks for all the updates on the Holiday collections! Been staring at the Addiction and Lunasol coffrets and think I'll order the Addiction one! The colours look really useable and I've wanted to try the tinted protector. Still undecided about Lunasol as I've bought the holidays set for the past three years and this looks about the same. They all are such great deals though! Can't wait! :)

Haru said...

hi visee,
You're welcome! I would like to get the Addiction set just to complete my collection of their holiday coffrets too. Wish Lunasol would step up their game and turn out something more interesting for once for holiday.