Sunday, 22 September 2013

Coffret D'Or Total Designing Set 2013

Coffret D'Or is about to release these two Total Designing Sets, which will retail at 3990yen with a retail value of 6200yen. Each set includes a 3D Gradation Eyes palette, mini liquid rouge and a mini blush.

There are four sets to choose from. Set EX1 contains 3D Gradation Eyes #1 Pink Beige in the pink limited edition case, Bright Up Rouge (Creamy Liquid) PK264 and Color Blush PK22. Set EX2 is the same as EX1 but with 3D Gradation Eyes #5 Soft Plum (LE). Set EX3 includes 3D Gradation Eyes #2 Mint Brown in the blue case, Bright Up Rouge (Creamy Liquid) PK263 and Color Blush RS17. Set EX4 is the same as EX3 but with 3D Gradation Eyes #6 Beige Navy (LE). See swatches on the Coffret D'Or website.

These are due out on 24 September in Japan. Adambeauty also stocks Coffret D'Or so you may want to monitor it if you are interested in these sets.

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D. said...

Too bad the 2 blushes are recycled from last year's. Still, I'll probably be stalking Adam Beauty for these ^.^