Saturday, 21 September 2013

Anna Sui Pressed Powder Kit

I'm liking the look of this Anna Sui Pressed Powder Kit(4725yen) which will be released on 3 October in Japan. The powder comes in two variations, #1 which contains a swirl of purple, light blue and green tones, and #2 which is a swirl of pink, orange beige and ivory. See more photos by MakeupStash here and here. Each kit also includes a Moisturising Gel 10ml that can be used for spot treatment of dry patches.


galpal.hi said...

The packaging is pretty! The powders look very interesting. Thank you for sharing!


Darn! It always takes me several tries with the captcha thing before I get it right. They could make that captcha thing more easily readable. GRRR!

Unknown said...

Would this be released in Singapore too? Its looks pretty ~~~

Haru said...

hi Eni,
Yes, it will definitely be available in Singapore too. Do check with the counter on when it will be available.

hi Kat,
Sorry about the captcha, wish it was less annoying to use!