Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Suqqu Christmas Makeup Coffrets

Turns out that Suqqu is releasing two makeup coffrets for the upcoming holiday season after all! According to Biteki, the Suqqu Christmas Makeup Kit B (8400yen) will include Blend Color Eyeshadow EX19 Toryokuzora 冬緑空, Mascara Volume Long N EX03 Black Navy, Reset Cleansing Cream, Refining Foam, a mirror and a grey pouch. The composition of the kits is very similar to the 2012 coffrets.

Below is a pic of Christmas Makeup Kit A tweeted by Abe Sawako. Of the two kits, A looks like the more attractive of the two for now but Suqqu's palettes often look more mesmerising in person than they do in pictures online so I wouldn't be surprised if both sell out quickly.


Audrey said...

Is that a cream shadow on the bottom right ? The white thingy on both palette
Last year coffret seems prettier

Carina said...

These look gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing! <3

Haru said...

hi Audrey,
I can't tell from the pics, sorry! It seems like Suqqu is always doing either taupe, brown navy or some olivey green shade. I don't like the clutch purse in this year's sets. I wish they would just include more makeup products instead of skincare.

hi Carina,
you're welcome!

Trinity said...

Hi, how big is the foam and cleaning?

Haru said...

They are 30g each.