Thursday, 5 September 2013

Lunasol Holiday Coffret 2013

Lunasol will release their annual Party Coffret on 8 November in Japan. The set includes a beige/brown eyeshadow palette, blush duo, lipgloss, a liner pencil and a furry pouch. Looks disappointingly boring to me but in terms of the retail value, Lunasol's coffrets are usually pretty worthwhile if you like their conservative office-friendly shades. Pic by Abe Sawako.


manman said...

Haru, although these are easy colors, would they be too cool toned for your skin?

Haru said...

the blush duo looks fine but the eyeshadow palette looks like it could be quite washed out on my skin. Lunasol's palettes usually do look better in person, so if you have a counter near you, you may wish to check it out in person when it is released. They usually release at least 4 eyeshadow palettes in their spring collections, so if you are hoping for more colorful shades, you may want to wait for that instead.