Thursday, 5 September 2013

Ettusais Lash Version Up

I don't usually use a mascara base or primer but the first time I tried Ettusais Lash Version Up, it was instant love. I actually purchased this in Tokyo a year ago and only just opened it up earlier this week. The product was still completely fine without any noticeable dryness. It was pretty affordable too at 1050yen for 6g (versus S$28 in Singapore). It has garnered good reviews on with an average 5 star rating (out of 7 stars).

It contains short fibres to help lengthen and add volume. Normally, I steer clear of fibre-based mascaras as they tend to irritate my eyes but this did not as long as I was careful to remove any stray fibres that fell along the lashline. The clear black tint also looks natural, unlike those white mascara bases by other brands, and you can wear this on its own if you are rushed for time. The fine tooth comb brushes easily through the lashes and catches even the tiny lashes at the inner corners. The comb pulls out of the tube with just enough product so there is no caking or need to wipe it down first before applying.

The most impressive aspect of Lash Version Up is the instant uplift and curl that it adds to my lashes, making one look much more awake. I have very sparse lashes that normally get weighed down by most mascaras. The lift and curl effect lasts quite well throughout the day with just a tiny bit of a droop by the end, but my lashes stayed curled.

In these pics, I'm wearing Helena Rubenstein Lash Queen Feline Blacks mascara layered over Lash Version Up. When I apply Feline Blacks over Lash Version Up, the mascara does tend to catch a bit on the latter so brushing it through my lashes does not feel as smooth as using Feline Blacks on its own. Nevertheless, there was no noticeable clumping and the volume and length did build up quite quickly.

My current daily lash routine consists of curling the lashes first with the Tarte curler, followed by one coat of Lash Version Up and then Feline Blacks. There is no waiting time needed between applying Lash Version Up and Feline Blacks. I use Lancome's BiFacil to remove at the end of the day, by pressing the soaked cotton pad against the lashes for about 10 seconds and then gently wiping the mascara off.

Feline Blacks was a recent purchase when it was on 50% discount. It's not especially impressive enough for me to consider re-purchasing it at full price (more than 40 Swiss francs). Ettusais Lash Version Up, on the other hand, is a new staple and I would definitely re-purchase it.

Ettusais will release a limited edition BB Plus Mineral Powder (1522yen, 9g) plus its popular BB Mineral White and BB Mineral Cream in a limited edition packaging (but only in shade #20) on 19 September in Japan.

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