Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Anna Sui Spring '08

Anna Sui's spring collection features the usual bright colours of blue, pink, green and purple that one has come to expect from Anna Sui.

1. Eye Color Accent #1 Turquoise blue/dark grey/pearl white, #2 purple/silver grey/gold yellow and #3 pink/mocha brown/marshmallow pink (2625yen)

2. Sui Lip Gloss #100 Candy Blue, #401 Candy Red, #800 Candy Yellow (2310yen)

3. Nail Color #248 Melting purple, #343 Spicy Pink, #344 Delicious Pink, #809 Candy Gold, #923 Glitter Mint (1575yen)

4. Eyeliner N (2625yen): liquid eyeliner in 7 shades

5. Eyeliner L (2625yen): "Luminous-type" liquid eyeliner that has a transparent water base with pearl and glitter mixed in. In 3 shades.

6. Glitter Eye Colour Stick in 5 shades (2625yen): shimmery creamy eye colour with a non-sticky finish

7. Beauty Mirror M (3990yen)

Release date is 10 January for Japan.

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Kathi said...

I'm not really fond of the Spring collection... I am not really a fan of AS in general though =P