Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Jill Stuart Spring 2008

FAnet posted these photos of the upcoming Jill Stuart Spring 2008 collection which will be launched in Japan on 18 January! The good news is that most of the collection is permanent except for the nail lacquer. I'm sure there are more items in the collection other than those shown here since Jill's spring collection is usually one of its largest for the year. I'm definitely hoping for more Seductive Eyes palettes! The new Mix Blush Compact #6 looks similar to #3 Coral Glow. These have been a best seller for Jill Stuart with the first month's sales alone surpassing what they had anticipated for the next half year.

1. Seductive Eyes #1 5250yen
2. Mix Blush Compact #6 4725yen
3. Lip Lustre #19 2940yen
4. Lip Gloss #18 2310yen
5. Nail Lacquer #44 1575yen (limited edition)


Kathi said...

Ohh, the eye palette looks so pretty! I love such color combos! It looks a bit similar to Brilliance Eyes in Mauve Pearl though!

Haru said...

I think Mauve Pearl is much prettier than the new palette which has two very pale shades that don't look too unique. But it's good that Jill Stuart is putting out more palettes instead of eyeshadow singles as their palettes are much nicer than the singles.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is exciting!!!! I wonder what the color playoff will be like. Sometimes, the shades on the palettes can surprise :) I like the new blush! The ones I got show up quite well on me so I am keen to try more new shades.