Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Aube Jewellery Shower Eyes

Aube's Jewellery Shower Eyes is one of my favourite Japanese eyeshadow palettes series of all time. Palettes that come with a cream eyeshadow base are nothing unusual in the world of Japanese makeup (Majolica Majorca and Kiss are two other brands that also have palettes with similar concepts) but what is outstanding about the Jewellery Shower Eyes series is the gorgeous sparkly shimmer in the cream base that is very pretty enough to even wear on its own. These come in an elegant slim leaf-shaped compact that nestles perfectly in my palm (don't you just hate clunky or weirdly-shaped palettes that are a pain to balance in one hand while you are applying makeup with your other hand?). I love these palettes for their excellent staying power, silky texture and gorgeous shimmery colour combinations that are virtually idiot-proof in terms of how to apply.

The palettes also come with two double-ended sponge/brush applicators that are super easy to use and makes these palettes perfect for bringing on trips as you do not have to pack a separate set of brushes. The sponge applicators help to layer the powder for greater intensity. For applying the cream base, I usually just use my little finger.

#31 Purple was my first acquisition from this line as I'm always a sucker for lovely purple and dark plum shades. It remains my favourite out of all my Jewellery Shower Eyes palettes and the one that I reach for the most often. This is the palette that I reach for when I'm not in the mood for experimenting with new colours. It's a fail-safe combination that always looks good even if it's not the trendy colour of the season.

I picked up #34 Pink (left pic) after being disappointed with the sheer colour payoff of #36 Pink (right). Both are a mix of sweet candy pinks but #36 features lighter shades that don't show up as well on me as those in #34. The cream base in #36 is also not as shimmery as those in other Jewellery Shower Eyes palettes.

And finally, my latest buy, EX02 which I tried out today. Overall, I would rate this 4 out of 5. I've never been a fan of brown eyeshadows so the colour combination in this palette was not the kind that would rock my world. But the eyeshadows do have excellent colour payoff with the usual superbly smooth texture and fine shimmer. The shimmery cream base in this is especially lovely. The gun metal grey shade is also great for creating a dramatic smokey eye or as an eyeliner shade for greater definition. The pale beige shade works well as an all over shade while the light chocolate shade is just pigmented enough to show up against the beige. I do have one peeve and that's the dull matte cover of this palette, which looks dull when compared to the other palettes which all have shimmery covers.

My lovely friend, The Muse, has also written a wonderfully detailed review of her Jewellery Shower Eyes collection over here on Specktra. Do check it out!


the Muse said...


beautiful review ;)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on your reviews! I like #31 but it's more of a muted purple which makes me look dull. I rather like #34, it's really pretty. #36 just has not enough contrast. I am kicking myself in the butt for not getting the LE green/peach summer palette.

Anonymous said...

why is ex02's cover matte?

Haru said...

I don't know, just the way they chose to make it.