Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Coffret D'Or CM Photos

The Coffret D'Or website has been updated with photos from the TV commercial shoots. From left to right, the spokesmodels are Tokiwa Takako (35 years old), Nakatani Miki (31), Shibasaki Kou (26), Sawajiri Erika (21) and Kitagawa Keiko (21). The publicity photos look similar to Maquillage, with a strong focus on classy sophisticated, feminine looks rather than the playful, youthful vibrancy of say, Aube and Lavshuca.

Nakatani Miki is my favourite Japanese actress. It's quite funny that she will be starring in the same ad campaign as Shibasaki Kou, also an actress/singer, as the two are often mistaken for each other in real life! Sawajiri Erika is an up-and-coming young actress who received a lot of negative publicity recently over her rude behaviour at a movie press conference and rumours are that she has been placed in 'cold storage' by her company or may even retire so she may not last long as a Coffret D'Or spokesmodel.

Some more pics of the product lineup from @Cosme.


Kathi said...

All those models look extremely pretty in my opinion! Still I don't really feel attracted to the products =(

Michelle said...

I really can't say I care for the packaging nor the colors from this new range ..... It is a disapointment.