Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Aube Spring 2008

Aube's Spring 2008 website is up and running! Aube is also offering a cute little strap accessory with pre-orders at select stores.

Someone posted these pics from the Spring '08 collection pamphlet on 2Channel.


カロリイン said...

WOW!!!! I love the handphone strap. There is a mini eyeshadow palette. :)

Michelle said...

wow! these looks are sooooooooooo pretty!

Karelessly in Love said...

I too love the handphone strap!! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

rinka is so pretty!

YM said...

I went to the Biteki site you provided in an older post with a collection of Christmas releases, and there was an Aube mosaic palette listed on page 13 which I cannot find anywhere?? Could anyone else find this?

Page 13 Aube


Haru said...

I think the Mosaic Powder is available in the shops but for some strange reason, it's not featured on the Aube website. It's not just Aube that does that. Sometimes the limited edition items from Maquillage are also not featured on the website at all but can be easily found in the shops.