Wednesday 28 November 2007

Shu Uemura Spring '08

Shu Uemura's spring 2008 collection is inspired by the various hues of nature. Instead of the usual pastels that one often sees in the spring collections, Shu will be focusing on green, beige and earthy tones.

1. Rouge Unlimited lipstick in Dewy Beige (shimmery beige)
2. Colour Mascara in Green
3. Glow On Blush in Harmonious Orange and Tranquil Pink
4. Pressed Eyeshadow N in IR Pristine Green, P Yellow Elation, IR Sun Stream, IR Earth Brown and P Spring Breeze
5. Nail Polish in Gold Zest, Spirited Green and Innocent Beige

The release date is 11 January for Japan.


Kathi said...

Wow, Shu manages to release a collection of exactly all those colors I can't wear because they look terrible on me LOL Good, means I can skip everything =P

Anonymous said...

shu's getting dull ....

Stephanie said...

I'm interested in the green colors of this collection. And I love the imprint in the eyeshadows and glow ons.

cewek said...

Contrary to other comments, I quite like it! I was worried that shu will release cool based colours again for spring.