Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Maquillage Spring 2008

Pics of Maquillage's Spring 2008 collection have surfaced on 2Channel. Maquillage will be debuting a new gel liner (2625yen) that comes with its own applicator brush. The one shown in the pic is silver and there will also be the usual black shade. There will also be a revamp of the Clean Contrast Eyes palettes (3675yen) with the new quads containing only powder eyeshadows. The new lipstick is Lasting Climax Rouge (3150yen) which goes on sheer but has good lasting power. There will also be new shades of Neo Climax Lip, lip base, single eyeshadows, lipliner concealer etc. The collection will be launched on 21 January in Japan.


Kathi said...

I bet the gel liner will be like Shiseido's (sucky that means LOL)... the lippies look nice but the e/s quad looks blah pastel as usual. =X I really like their Sparkle Contrast Eyes II (the GY one is a gorgeous palette) but that new Clean Contrast Eyes doesn't look too promising so far

Anonymous said...

maqulliage has nice pdts
but the markup in sg is so high

does jpmon carry palette gy851?

lasting climax eh, every girl's dream

Haru said...

I'm afraid I don't know about Jpmon.