Saturday, 28 February 2009

Coffret D'Or S/S09 LE Foundation Case

Coffret D'Or has just launched its Spring/Summer '09 new base makeup collection in Japan, including this gorgeous limited edition powder foundation case! This is the loveliest case that I've seen from Coffret D'Or to date, love how the letters are arranged amidst the star pattern!

Please note that the pics are from a Yahoo Japan auction and are not mine.

The cases usually retail for 1050yen each. Unfortunately, the Coffret D'Or base makeup line is not available in Singapore so the only way of getting it is by ordering it online or asking a friend who's going to Japan to help you buy it.


Yumeko said...

ooops! is this the new one?
i thought it was the older one as it is being given away for free at the moment if u buy a base
the case for sale is a pink shiny one.

thanks Haru, u are the best source for info!

Haru said...

Hi Yumeko,

It's the new one! I read about it on 2Channel and the hunted down the pics on Yahoo Japan auctions :-)

Yumeko said...

hahahah i am so stupid i thought it was the old one hahah
i didnt even check! thanks, will update my post!!

feel free to use my pic ^^

Anonymous said...

i have never seen Coffrent D'Or has such beautiful packaging. I hope we are getting this too.

Anonymous said...

Love the compact - I'm such a sucker for packaging :)

Anonymous said...

Don't think this will be made available in Spore.

B377Y said...

It's....beautiful! Now I would LOVE to know how can somebody from the US get her hands on this? :(

Haru said...

Hi Betty,

my best guess would be to ask or if they can do a special order for you?