Tuesday, 3 February 2009

RMK Spring Translucence

The Isetan Scotts counter has the RMK Spring Translucence collection on display today and according to the SA, the collection will go on sale tomorrow.

I played with the Translucent Cheeks & Eyes (5250yen) and was disappointed by how difficult it was to get the blush shades to show up on the back of my hand. In contrast, the eyeshadow shades are much more pigmented with a metallic finish. I'm not sure if the blush shades will show up better if applied with a brush as that was my experience with the Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compacts: initially I wrote the Jill Stuart blushes off as I couldn't get any color to show up when I tried to swatch it with my finger but actually when I used the attached brush, the color shows up on my cheeks effortlessly.

Translucent Cheeks & Eyes #2 is in the top row and #1 is in the bottom row. As you can see, I couldn't get any of the blush shades in the #2 compact to show up. These will retail for S$70 each, cheaper than the Japan retail price. (Sorry for reporting the price wrongly in an earlier post!)

The Translucent Eyes (3675yen) are also disappointing. First of all, they are incredibly small! The price is around S$42, but I'm not 100% sure. No matter how many times I rubbed my finger against the matte eyeshadows, I could only get the barest hint of color. Then again, these are supposed to be translucent. The shimmery pink shades in each duo are much more pigmented. Do check out my buddy, Fleckenschnitte's review in which she says that the eyeshadows actually apply much better with a brush. For the price, I'd rather get a MAC MSF instead!

The lipsticks have much better color payoff as you can see in these pics. The new Irresistible Lips B are in the top row (from left to right: #23, #24, #25) while the new Irresistible Lips C are in the bottom row (left to right: #25, #24).

The good news for my wallet is that I'll be skipping this collection :-) Do also check out Blushed Wombat's post which has tons of great product pics!


Anonymous said...

how much is the irresistible lips c?

Haru said...

Hi Cheryl,

I think they are about S$37? But I'm not sure as I have a terrible memory for numbers these days!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this collection looks pretty boring to me. The eye shadows probably show up better on Caucasian skin tones.

Thanks for swatches by the way! Ah, and do you happen to know when is Maquillage's spring collection coming to SG? ^^


Ti_Amo said...

Hey! Nice to see your swatches of RMK spring--great job! Can I get your opinion (and maybe swatches? :]) of the gloss lips?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. At least I know I won't be getting these range of products. Will wait for Coffret D'or & Lunasol new products then.

Anonymous said...

rmk's e/s are usually sheer. howz the matte texture?

Haru said...


The matte eyeshadows are very sheer but according to Fleckenschnitte's review, she didn't have problems getting the color to show up when applied with a brush. I gave up trying to get the matte shadows to show up on the back of my hand. I tried out all 5 shades with dismal results, but I was using my fingertip, not a brush or sponge applicator.

Hi Ti Amo,
The lipglosses didn't look very unique in my opinion, just your standard rosy pink and coral orange shades. I don't like RMK lipgloss simply because the brush has a bad tendency to splay out.