Sunday, 1 February 2009

Kiss Spring '09

Kiss will release its spring collection on 23 February in Japan. It's a massive collection that includes a revamping of the lipsticks and mascaras in the regular line-up. However, the new packaging looks very similar to the current one, so there isn't really a feeling of any fresh or radical change. I wish Kiss would come up with some cuter stuff!

1. Eye Prism Gradation (1680yen): #7 Blue Lily

2. Pure Bloom Cheeks (1470yen): #5 Cherry Blossom

3. Rouge Kiss (1575yen): Apricot-scented long-lasting creamy lipsticks with royal jelly essence, honey and chamomile extract. #1 Milky Kiss, #2 Angel Kiss, #3 Baby Kiss, #4 Little Rose Kiss, #5 Candy Kiss, #6 Berry Kiss, #7 Earl Grey Kiss

4. Rouge Kiss G (1575yen): Apricot-scented long-lasting glossy lipstick with royal jelly essence, honey and chamomile extract. #1 Pure Cherry, #2 Pure Peach, #3 Pure Apricot, #4 Pure Topaz

5. Long & Separate Mascara (1470yen): Contains long fibres and micro fibres for helping to create long lashes and can be easily removed with warm water.

6. Volume & Glamarous Curl Mascara WP (1470yen): Waterproof mascara with "long fit fibres"

7. Natural Eyebrow Color (1050yen): Waterproof eyebrow mascara in #1 Light Brown and #2 Natural Brown

8. Nail Enamel R (630yen): #54 Peach Liquer, #55 Little Butterfly

9. Nail Decoration (630yen): #6 Topaz Beige

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Anonymous said...

Last Sat Kinokuniya was having a 20% off storewide to the public. Hope nobody missed it especially those that want to stock up on magazines.