Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Jo Malone launches in Singapore

The first Jo Malone store in Singapore is opening in Ngee Ann City! It will be located next to the Christian Louboutin store on the second floor, right under Kinokuniya. I was very surprised to discover the store today, which is still under renovation. Can't wait to check it out when it opens! I've been curious to check out its latest fragrance, Sweet Lime & Cedar.


Anonymous said...

hey :)
love love love reading your blog! don't ever stop posting.
btw, i want to go on a trip to japan with a relatively low budget... since you're so familiar with the country and live in singapore as well.. how much would you say is the amount of money i need to set aside? i'm not looking to buy designer clothes etc. basically it's just to buy makeup, take in the sights and have a good meal!

Anonymous said...

pricing wise will be quite high?

Haru said...


Thanks for your kind comments! It's always very heartening to hear that people enjoy reading this little blog of mine :-)

I would put aside at least S$1000-S$1500 for your trip, but it really depends on how many days you are going there for. For each day, I would budget S$15 for transport (just within Tokyo on the subway), $15-20 for each meal (though there are cheaper options, of course, but like say, a good bowl of ramen would cost about S$17), and maybe $100-200 for shopping & sightseeing. If you're just visiting shrines and museums, the tickets usually cost $10 or less, and could even be free but if you're going to Disneyland, that will cost about S$80-90, IIRC. I usually end up spending close to S$2000 for one week but that's 'cos I always end up shopping a lot (clothes, bags, makeup). Have a great trip!

Jo Malone is a high end fragrance brand and is expensive even in the US and UK so I think its price points are going to be close to S$100 and above.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much babe :)

makeupmag said...

I love the JM scents. I'm so glad they're here now. :) Thanks for the heads-up, dear Iris!