Thursday, 26 February 2009

Random Musings

It's been a strange week for me with a weird onset of sensitivity in my skin that I usually get when I'm about to get a fever or flu. I did get slightly feverish on some mornings but managed to suppress it with regular doses of Panadol. Also almost got a bad sore throat but fought that off with several bottles of Coke Zero (hey it works...) and Strepsils.

But I couldn't find a cure for the debilitating lethargy that I was feeling. It was so bad that I couldn't even be bothered to put on makeup some days for work. I was not feeling any inspiration for beauty blogging, to the extent that I even flirted briefly with shutting down the blog. Except that my boyfriend, who proudly declares himself to be my biggest fan, protested vehemently :-)

Anyway, finally worked up the energy to resume blogging today and thought I'd end off with some random musings.

A good day is when:

1. I get new fragrance lemmings to look forward to. Current ones on my list: Vera Wang Rock Princess (due out in April, I want this for the gothic bottle alone!) and Kate Moss Summer Time (also out in April; with notes of English rose, peony, wisteria, bluebell, mahogany wood, tonka bean, and musk). Rock Princess has notes of white peach, raspberry, bergamot, heliotrope, rose, night-blooming jasmine, lily, cashmere woods, musk, iris and creamy coconut.

2. I learn that my three favourite musicians are all putting out new albums within the next 2 months: Tori Amos, Jewel and Kelly Clarkson. I've spent whole afternoons just listening to Kelly Clarkson's My Life Would Suck Without You online non-stop. Big cheesy irresistible sing-your-heart-out pop, I likey!

3. I get a new issue of UK Glamour, Allure, Smitten, Style or some Japanese magazine with a cute freebie. I'm a total magazine junkie with no patience or interest to read books anymore. The last books that I read were the Twilight and Harry Potter series, which I thoroughly enjoyed (Harry Potter much more than Twilight, which was just cringe-inducing juvenile at parts).

4. When there is a new episode of Battlestar Galactica. Only four more to go though. BSG breaks your heart and just when you think it can't break anymore, they find a new way to shatter it some more.

5. When I get out to go out to a place like this on a work day instead of being cloistered in my cubicle.

Hope you're having a good week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Iris, hope that you are feeling better! Please do not shutdown your blog! I love all your blog entries so please keep them coming when you are up for it :)

Anonymous said...

Oh please don't shut down your blog - I will happily persevere whilst you're not feeling up to blogging, but don't stop permanently!

Amelia said...

Oh dear!

Please take care... Will be a pity if you close the blog though.. many fans will be very very sad!

But your health is priority now :)
Do go see a doctor!

Anonymous said...

I checked out your blog 3-4 times per week. Keep up the good work! You are rite about books. I tend to go back to reading Agatha Christie & P G Wodehouse course most books are really a snooze even if reviews rate them as potential classics. Can't wait for the next Dan Brown book to come out. Sometimes, when given Borders vouchers, I just purchase French & Jap phrase books to revise these 2 languages which I learned eons ago.

Anonymous said...

hope you're feeling better! :)

the vera wong rock princess bottle is very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Nooooo!!!! Please don't shut down your blog. Take a break if you need to; we'll patiently wait till you get your groove back. And take care of yourself, ya?

makeupmag said...

Your stellar blog is an invaluable resource to many; don't even contemplate closing it down!


We should meet one day to chit chat and swatch shadows! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hope you're feeling better already? The weather has been especially finicky these few days, I'm feeling the onset of a sore throat too. Please take care and get well soon!

(sending get well vibes from your readers!)

Anonymous said...

No! Please, please do not shut down your blog. You inspire me to do and see so much more beauty-related, Kinokuniya-related things when I come back to Singapore for a holiday.

I really hope you're feeling better; your blog is an inspiration and the first ever that I've had on a feed.

Haru said...

Dear Sam,

Thanks for your kind comments. I am feeling much better now, and am back to updating my blog. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep it going for quite some time more.

Hey Mag,
we should definitely meet up one of these days!

Dear Michelle,

Thanks for your well wishes, am much better now and will try to keep on blogging!

hi Lisa,
Thanks for your kind comment, will try to keep it up!

Dear Amelia,
I'm completely recovered now, there was a viral fever going around in my office so may have caught a weak version of it. Thanks for your well wishes!