Sunday, 1 February 2009

Bobbi Brown Platinum Collection

Bobbi Brown will release a Platinum collection on 19 March in Japan. The Platinum Pink Shimmerbrick looks interesting! I have a clutch of BB Shimmerbricks that I don't use as often as I should, like my MAC MSFs. I wasn't tempted by the Copper Diamond collection at all, although I loved the ad visual for it. Surprisingly, it also did not sell out as fast as BB's LE collections usually do as it was still available on the counters here in late January.

1. Platinum Pink Shimmerbrick (5775yen)

2. Shimmer Lip Gloss (2940yen): #31 Confetti, #32 Gracia

3. Long Wear Cream Shadows (3360yen): #22 Platinum, #23 Steel, #30 Heather and #31 Ash

4. Lip Gloss (2940yen): #41 Nougat


Anonymous said...

nah, not me.

Anonymous said...

Oh nice!

Shimmer Lip Gloss and the Long Wear Cream Shadows reminds me a lot the Mac Chill colection

Simmerbrick looks like pink shimmer brick compact too much, maybe with more silver shimmer but that's all.

Have any idea when it would be release in Europe?

Cosine said...

Oh the shimmer brick does look pretty good... any idea if i'll come to singapore?

Anonymous said...

the shimmer brick looks cool toned? with a silver layer.
looks good overall

Anonymous said...

when will this collection out?
i saw them in neiman marcus website...
the eyeshadow palette looks pretty...

Haru said...

I'm not sure of the release date for Singapore, best to check directly with the BB counter. I think we usually get the BB collections about 1 month after the US release.