Saturday, 21 February 2009

Lancome Pink Irreverence

Came across this display of the Lancome Pink Irreverence collection at Robinsons in Raffles City today. I love the ad visual with the glossy black eyeshadow but unfortunately, it does not look like the products in the collection can actually replicate that look.

I swatched the four shades of La Laque Fever Ultimate Lasting Full Color Lip Shine. The Electric Pink shade was the one that caught my eye immediately. It is truly stunning, amazingly vibrant and sparkly hot pink. I think I may need to go back for this! I haven't tried MAC's Dazzleglass before so I'm not sure how this compares with Dazzleglass.

The quad looks pretty but when swatched, I found most of the shades too pale for my liking. They do feel very silky to touch but overall, the shade combination is just lacklustre compared to the quad that came in the last Christmas collection. I also swatched the Color Fever Gloss in Piha Black. It's not for sale but rather you stand a chance to win it with with a purchase of some item, can't remember what.

Sorry about the poor photo quality as I snapped these with my handphone in the store. I didn't check out the prices for the individual products.

Here's the current GWP. You get all the products shown, minus the red vanity case, with purchase of $160, if I recall correctly but I may be mistaken. I'm not sure how much you need to spend to get the traincase.

Do also check out Makeup and Beauty Blog for great product pics and much better swatches. The eyeshadow quads released in the US are different from the quad released in Singapore and other Asian countries.


KayleeAnne said...

oh, the lip gloss are awesome, thanks for the pictures and don't worry for the quality^^

Mellerson said...

After I read your blog and went back for the hot pink lipgloss that I've been eyeing over the last week. It does remind me of the dazzleglasses too!

Even though the Lancome version costs more at $39 versus $35 for the Dazzleglass, you also get way more product with Lancome (6ml vs 1.92ml in a Dazzleglass). By this comparison, Dazzleglasses are a complete ripoff (though a beautiful ripoff!)

Anonymous said...

I think they marked up a lot since I bought things from Lancome about 2 yrs ago.

Haru said...


I think the department store brands like MAC, Lancome etc regularly raise their prices every two years or so. It also doesn't help that Singapore's tax rate has gone from 3% a few years ago to 7% now. $39 for a lipgloss is somewhat extreme.

Anonymous said...

it's really ex. but the color looks really beautiful. especially the pinks and piha black looks interesting for layering.

Anonymous said...

Even Kanebo has raised their prices. I remember buying a lipgloss from their old range that cost SGD31. I think nowadays their lipglosses cost SGD39 each. I guess I'll stick to Clinique & Ettusais.

Lali Amora Beauty Blog said...

I love reading your blogs!

I just saw the Lancome collection last night and eh, the colors aren't all that great as I hoped. The eyeshadow quads are nice though.