Wednesday, 18 February 2009

MAC x Hello Kitty

The MAC Hello Kitty collection is set to be launched in Singapore on 6 March at Tangs Orchard and Vivocity. The collection will also be available at other MAC counters but at a later date.

If you present page 168 of the March issue of Style magazine at the Tangs counters on 26 February - 1 March, you can also pre-order the products from the collection. If you are among the first 50 to pre-order, you will also be invited to the MAC Hello Kitty launch party on 5 March at Vivocity, where you will get to rub shoulders with "celebrities, industry gurus and beauty editors".

If you purchase up to $120, you will also receive a $15 Tangs Beauty voucher for your next MAC purchase. Hello Kitty Complete Makeovers can also be pre-booked between now at 4 March. Just call 6230-5322 for now until 4 March. From 5 March onwards, call Tangs Orchard at 6235-7718 and Tangs Vivocity at 6376-9780. The makeovers cost $80 and are fully redeemable against MAC products.

Here are some of the prices for the collection:
Glitter Eye Liner $33
Hello Kitty Kouture Mystery Powder $133
Brush Collection $100
Beauty Powder Blush $35
Eyeshadow Palette $69
Plush Toy $79
Hello Kitty Lashes $22

I'm skipping the whole Hello Kitty madness. From the reviews and swatches I've seen online, the collection looks overly hyped and the quality of the products leaves much to be desired. The only thing that briefly tempted me was the Brush Collection with the cute kitty head cup but at $100, it's just ridiculous. Plus many reviews said that the brushes were scratchy. MAC will of course roll in the millions from this collection but it will have to work harder for my money!


Anonymous said...

Hello from the U.S.A.,

This debuted here last week and I was also unimpressed when I saw the actual products. I bought a gloss but that was it. The shades are geared toward the very young (not surprising) and most are appropriate only for clubbing. I agree that the accessories are very overpriced, even in our currency.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rougedeluxe,

I often have problem buying from MAC counter. the SA often appear to be high handed and "snobbish" even. So i seldom.....have MAC! I have the money (though not rich jerk haha) I surely can afford but their attitude strikes fear in me to buy. I often hover, pace up and down around their counter and never quite step in and buy anything. And there is not much spree on MAC too. what is your take on this, Haru? how do you purchase your MAC? any MAC branch with friendlier SA?

I want to be a MAC freak but they need to give me better reason to do so!! haha

Haru said...

Hi Stellina,

Thanks for stopping by! I'm really quite disappointed by this collection as I think MAC is capable of much better quality but it seems that most of their energy goes into creating hype and pushing out limited edition collections at a frenzied pace, which tires consumers out at some point.

Hi Mac-reject,

I understand your situation. I've read many account of bad shopping experiences with MAC SAs. Not all of them are awful but quite a few of them do have this attitude that they are an ARTIST and not a sales person whose job is to serve the customer. But if the customer is not happy at the end of the day, then they're not really doing their job well at all, in my opinion.

With MAC, I usually don't need any assistance from the SAs as I know what I like and what works for me. So I usually browse slowly by myself and test out the products and after I've decided what I want to get, I call the SA over to help me make the purchase. So my interaction with the MAC SAs are usually very brief, like just to ask the prices or when new collections are coming in. I don't usually ask their opinion on products or even how the products work since most are straightforward or you can get the info online. If they ask me if I need help, I usually tell them no and that I'm just looking.

Don't let their attitude strike fear in you. Just be confident in yourself as a consumer. They are there to serve you, not the other way around. And you're paying for their service too. Of course you're also more likely to get good service if you're friendly with the SA and smile at them.

I usually buy my MAC products at Tangs as I have a Citibank Tangs card that gives me 10% rebate. But I've read many complaints about the bad service at Tangs Orchard, like they're not interested in the customer at all. But I believe that the attitude does vary depending on the individual SA. Just be confident and be nice to the SA, chances are they'll be nice back. And if they're not, just take your business elsewhere since there're quite a few MAC counters around now.

Don't let the attitude of the SAs deter you from the products! I believe that the quality of the products is more important than whether I get good service or not since at the end of the day, it's how good the products look on my skin that I really care about!

Anonymous said...

I was told this collection also comes with a bracelet.

Dear MAC-reject, I haven't been buying stuff from them for a long time too. I think the SA at Ettusais are much nicer & more willing to give out samples.

Anonymous said...

I do have a Tangs Card to get 6% rebates. But I usually use it to get Clinique Superbalm. Not sure if I want to get any MAC products anymore.

Anonymous said...

i saw the HK samples at vivocity MAC the other day, and the colours are really unimpressive... quite a disappointment as I was really excited when i saw the pics online... i like HK.

btw, the service at the MAC standalone shop is ngee ann city is quite good, they are very helpful.