Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Aube Couture Website Update

The Aube Couture website has been updated with the summer collection and TV commercials.

I've lost interest in Aube since the revamp of the brand from Aube to Aube Couture. I prefer the old Aube with Rinka as the spokesmodel who gave the brand a energetic and youthful image whereas Aube Couture's spokesmodels look bland and boring. Maquillage and Coffret D'Or's spokesmodels are much more glamorous in comparison.


Anonymous said...

Note sure if these are models or actressess. They look just like any other brand of makeup spokesmodels.

Anonymous said...

hi, RMK's jelly eyes shadow limited edition or still avail at counter?

Haru said...

The two models are actresses. The one on the right is Kano Miho. Not sure of the name of the one on the left.

Haru said...


The RMK Jelly Eyes are permanent and available at the counter.