Saturday, 4 April 2009

TSS Aquarius Collection

My order of pigment samples from The She Space (also known as About Face Cosmetics)arrived about 2 weeks ago but I haven't had the time to play with them until this week. I order samples of the whole Pisces, Aquarius and Random Acts of Colors collections. Each sample baggie is US$0.50 and has enough for about 5 applications. I love that I can order samples as there is no way that I can ever finish a full size, given the size of my makeup collection. I have quite a few full-size MAC pigments, which hardly see the light of day as it is.

The Aquarius collection is simply stunning and I'm glad I got the whole collection as I have a soft spot for teals, blues and emeralds.

Fisher Queenie

Call Me Fish Girl

Freaking Flounder

Fish Out of Water

Jumpin' Jellyfish

Hook Line and Sinker

Groovin' Guppy

Salmon I Am

Do the Lobster Crawl

Whale of a Tale

Fish and Cut Bait

His Name is Gil

This is the look I did today with Groovin' Guppy applied from the lashline up to the crease. I forgot which side I used in the crease, sorry! I used Testimo Bright Up Eye Base as the primer before applying the pigments with a dry brush. These pics are actually taken after about 6 hours of wear.


izumi said...

what gorgeous blues! i think i love them all :)

Jamilla Camel said...

I love Groovin' Guppy! That's such a great color for Asian complexions!!

Anonymous said...

really love this collection! great exciting, wearable colours!

birkinbagbeauty said...

Grooving Guppy and Do the Lobster Crawl are my favourites. Thank you for posting such clear pictures!

j0s1e267 said...

Wow! The pigment shades are GORGEOUS and they hold up so well!