Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Coffret D'Or Summer '09

Another pic of Coffret D'Or's forthcoming summer collection, Juicy Clear Colors which will be released officially on 16 June in Japan. The drugstores usually get the new collection in one to two weeks ahead of the official release date.

The top left shade in the eyeshadow palettes is formulated with a high shine pearl while the top right shade has a microfine pearl shimmer. The two shades are known as the "free medium color" and can be used individually or blended together. The bottom left shade is the highlight color with translucent pearl shine and can be used on the browbone area as well as the under-eye area. The bottom right shade is the shadow color for adding definition.


Yumeko said...

looks interesting
but then again i am not the biggest coffret fan

btw , can u email me?

i wanna meet up with u in singapore! let me know if i can bring anything from japan for u

Catherine said...

Looks like blue is the IT color for summer this year! Everyone's releasing blues left and right!

Organic Cosmetics said...

Coffret D'Or's forthcoming summer collection appears to be something worth waiting out for. The lipsticks in the image are really cool. :-)