Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Yankee Candles

While searching for a soap dish for my Lush goodies in the Tangs basement level today, I was surprised to find a Yankee candles section. The small votives, which have a burn time of up to 15 hours, cost S$4.90 individually but Tangs is currently selling pre-selected packs of 3 votives for S$9.90. In the US, these cost US$1.99 each so Tangs' price is pretty decent. I also picked up a Brazilian Passion Fruit candle tumbler with burn time of up to 30 hours (S$25.90).

I've been burning the Island Guava votive which has a yummy sweet citrusy scent but the throw is a bit weak. I can smell it alright as the votive is right next to my laptop but it's definitely not strong enough to scent a whole room. After the votive has burnt for about an hour, the throw increases to about a 2-metre radius.


Anonymous said...

I'm so going to buy them if they have the bigger candle, cos only the bigger ones have stronger scent.


Haru said...

Dear Rae,

Tangs does carry the larger candles in glass jars which cost around S$49.90, like these:

Wendy said...

Nice candles! My favorite scented candles are from the brand called Sia (Homefashion). They smell sooo good! Even when you burning the candle, the nice scent will be there and not just a nasty wax smell ;)

Anonymous said...

I got Body Shop candles, burner & home frangrance oil set from last year company D&D during gift exchange. However, Body Shop oil are usually of inferior quality. Maybe I should just get these scented candles instead.

Haru said...


I highly recommend checking out the Yankee Candles selection as they have an excellent range of fruity, gourmand and nature-themed scents. The small votives are a great, affordable option for trying out different scents before investing in a larger size. You can also find these at Takashimaya department store where you can pick any 3 votives for $9.90.

Anonymous said...

I was told there will be a Metro sales at Spore Expo Hall 5 from 30 Apr 09 - 3 May 09. Brands includes Modelco, Pixi, Borba, Ren, etc.