Sunday, 19 April 2009

J.Lo Sunkissed Glow

J.Lo's Glow perfume was the surprise bestseller that sparked an avalanche of celebrity perfumes several years ago. Since then, Glow has had various flankers but none of them caught my fancy until Sunkissed Glow which is the flanker introduced for this summer.

It has top notes of ruby red grapefruit, pineapple juice, cassis sherbet; middle notes of peach flower, orange flower, waterlily, passion flower and base notes of sheer amber, cashmere wood and skin musk. I love the fruity top notes which are not too cloyingly sweet. The grapefruit note is the strongest to me, but it's not sharp or citrusy. The musk base also gives it an added warmth that lingers nicely on the skin. The fragrance lasted a good 4-5 hours on my skin. It also passed the boyfriend test with flying colors, as my boyfriend described it as 'sexy' :-) It's the kind of fragrance that puts you in a good mood, ready for a fun day out at the beach.

This is supposed to retail for 7140yen (S$108) in Japan but I got this for S$66 at Changi Airport duty-free. The new issue of Elle Singapore lists it at S$85. You can probably find it for cheaper at discount stores later in the year or on Ebay. The airport only had it in the 50ml size, which I doubt will last very long. I've used it twice with about 4-5 spritzes each time (I always spray my neck, chest, wrist and inner elbows) and already the liquid level in the bottom has fallen by about an inch .


Yumeko said...

hope ur holiday is going well and u are having a good time with ur man ^^

will u be back in singapore when i am there? hope to see u for dinner or something! [p.s i got ur email ^^]

Haru said...

Hey Yumeko,

I'm having a fantastic time over here :-) I'll be back in Singapore next Sunday so I'll be around when you visit Singapore (in May, right?). I'm looking forward to meeting up with you!

Anonymous said...

Since this week is the Luxasia warehouse sales, I'll look forward to stocking up on Annick Goutal frangrances. Hopefully Serge Luten is available for sales too.

Anonymous said...

I can't help saying this, but you write so well. I chuckled how you described your boyfriend liking your perfume as sexy. All of your posts are so well-crafted. Keep up the great work :)

Haru said...

Dear innerchild,

Thank you, it's very sweet of you to say so. I'm glad to hear that you enjoy reading the log :-)

Inge said...

That is such a pretty bottle. The scent sounds fantastic.